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Marudam Farm School

In our admission process we hope to communicate clearly to all prospective students and parents why the school operates in the way it does. We hope that interested parents choose Marudam Farm School because they value this approach to education. We invite prospective parents to ask questions, share their concerns and partner with us.

As we are a small school and wanting to stay that way, we can only offer spaces to very few students each year. While we prefer to take children when they are young and not as yet "corrupted" by the system, at times there are openings within the older classes.

All interested parents are asked to fill out an "Expression of Interest" form. Forms are available in the office during the months of Dec and Jan. Completed forms should be given in the office or sent by e-mail (in case the applicants are unable to come in person).

In case we hold an open day (once in a couple of years), prospective parents will be requested to attend.

Interviews with parents are held in February and the beginning of March, and decisions about admissions are taken afterwards. Our decision making is based on

a) number of spaces for each specific age group.

b) connection and closeness to the growing family of Marudam and the Forest Way.

c) resonance of ideology/way of life.

d) quotas of children from different backgrounds.

Please take note that we are not an International school, so there is no assurance for foreign children to get a seat. Furthermore, foreign children's visas should be in order as a pre-condition for admission.

An admission process can be an emotional process for parents. We beg all interested parties to accept and understand our limited admission capacity and trust our decisions.