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Marudam Farm School

The financial philosophy of the school has been driven by two main concerns. Firstly, that we should be affordable to all parents interested in exploring alternative education, irrespective of the economic background; fees should never be a criterion for admission. Secondly, that Marudam Farm School should remain small, with a high teacher to student ratio.

Being interested in having children from all backgrounds, and also specifically support a high percentage of local underprivileged students, we hold a sponsorship program which pays partially or fully for more than half our students. We are interested in sponsors who wish to give annually to this program, please contact us through mail if you are interested.

We've created an endowment fund recently, the interest from which will help us with some of our running expenses. Please contact Arun at for details.

Direct donations can be given to the school through The Forest Way. See how here. Please make a note in case you want your donation to go specifically to the school rather to the reforestation project.

We accept a small number of volunteers to work on the farm around the school and on the reforestation project. If people have special skills to offer to the school we consider them on a case by case basis.

We are a small school with an already large body of adults involved, and we have to look carefully at any addition.

Please refer to the volunteer section for more information.

If you are really interested in alternate education and are ready to explore this field, get in touch with us. Being a small school we need only a small number of teachers. Still, we do have a high teacher to student ratio in order to meet the varied educational needs of our students.

Working on a very tight financial budget we are not in a position to pay teachers very high salaries. Instead teachers receive an honorarium which is decided between the teacher and the school, based on their specific need.

When taking teachers on, our requirement are not of formal qualification necessary. Rather we look for a deep interest in education and a joy in being with children and sharing learning spaces with them.