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Marudam Farm School

Since the beginning of Marudam Farm School, some traditions have taken roots in its soil, and more than once a year there is an excitement in the air as everyone anticipates to take part in the flowering of these events.

One such tradition is the crafts week. Around November each year all regular schedules come to a halt, allowing space for a total immersion in all which is arts and crafts. Resource people come from near and far to share their respective skills. These can be kalamkari (a traditional dye technique), palm and banana fiber weaving, stone and wood carving, dance, theatre, mask making, jewelry making, martial arts, terra-cotta work, relief work, and more. Students from other schools join us for this week, and once everyone chooses two or more skills to focus on for the week, the work starts in earnest.

It is heartening to witness the level of involvement, creativity and co-operation with which students and teachers alike gets absorbed during this week. The place transforms itself and a sense of deep concentration pervades. Parents drop by to join in, and everyone teaches everyone, regardless of age and origin.

Sometime after the crafts week it is the Mela's turn to flower. The Mela is basically a fun fair, open to all, with games, food, crafts stalls, performances, and more. The children take active part in the preparation and implementation of the fair, to the joy of the wider community, villagers, city people, foreigners alike. For us it is an opportunity to share Marudam space, resources and creativity with others, as an alternative focus event.

The different classes go for one or more trips every year. The destination can be a rain forest in Kerala, Pallava structures and temples in Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram or even the Himalayas.

The destination is connected to one of the main areas of study; the rain forest was visited after studying about it for a year, Himalayas after studying about mountains etc.

We also go on short trips to nearby places such as Chennai, to take part in the Turtle Conservation program; Javadhu hills to help seed collecting for the afforestation project; Gingee fort as a day trip, and more.

We've had some wonderful Dramas through the years. The kids are involved in all stages of the drama, from writing the script to making the props to planning and acting and presenting, so the whole school ends up participates in some capacity. Lots of energy goes in to it, and the learning opportunities are many. One thing there is no doubt about - some great actors/actresses are evolving in the school. You wait and watch!

We held a few parent discussions this year. While the format of these are still evolving, it is obvious to all of us that they present a great opportunity for dialogue which hopefully will facilitate better understanding among all of us, coming from different backgrounds as we do. A lot of the time we simply explore seemingly obvious terms such as "discipline" and "play", find out what they mean to different people, their different connotations, positives and negatives, their meaning in school and at home; at other times we just listen to each other, sharing stories about our children. The main point, again, is the dialogue, never to be taken for granted, with the additional challenge of conducting it in two languages.