From the onset, our financial philosophy has been driven by three main concerns:

• We are not interested in money, and will not engage in money profiting through the school.
• We wanted to be affordable to all parents interested in exploring alternative education, irrespective of their economic background. This means that the ability to pay fees is never a criterion for admission. On the other hand, as we are interested in integration, we never set ourselves as a purely charitable school.
• Remaining a small school, with a high teacher to student ratio, is very important for us. That, together with our special programs and maintaining an organic farm to feed the students, makes for an expensive enterprise.

In order to rectify between these points we hold a Sponsorship Program which pays for over 60% of our students. The sponsors are assigned a student whose family cannot afford the fees, and receives an annual report about the child’s progress. We are hugely indebted to these sponsors and to a bunch of loyal supporters who helped us realize our school as we dare to dream it and aspire it.

As per 2020, the total average cost of educating a child works out to Rs.40,000.

If you wish to sponsor a child, whether fully or partially, please write to

If you wish to contribute towards our endowment fund, the interest of which helps us with teachers’ salaries, please contact Arun at for details.

Direct donations can be given to the school through the Forest Way Organization. Do write and inform us in case you wish to contribute in this way.

Thank you!