We were always blessed with a large, diverse and dedicated teacher body, growing organically and only slightly changing year by year. Many come as volunteers and become permanently, some are ‘refugees’ from the city, having left professional and high income jobs…

But all are on a journey, and once anyone joins Marudam family, their journey become ours, and we are together through stores and rain and sun.

Being a small school with an already large teaching body means we don’t have many job openings. At the same time, we do have diverse educational needs and a high teacher to student ratio, so we wouldn’t like to discourage anyone from trying for a position.

Working on a tight financial budget and believing in social equality, we are not usually in a position to pay teachers very high salaries. Instead we have a sliding salary system, decided in a conversation and based on individual need and situation.

When taking teachers on, our requirements are not of formal qualification necessarily. Rather we look for a deep interest in education, a love and connection to nature, and an openness to join the learning journey.

At the moment we are looking for a kindergarten teacher, a job which is quite specific and unusual in its prerequisite requirement, but hugely rewarding as well.

If you are interested, please fill the Application Form and get in touch with us.