Throughout the year we receive a large number of requests, from friends as well as from complete strangers, to come and visit, observe, ‘study’ us or volunteer. While we love to stay open and welcoming, we do find it overwhelming at times, and/or disruptive to our day-to-day routine. So it is a constant act of balancing on our behalf to keep a healthy engagement with the outside world.

That said, we do run a small volunteering program which we tend to start with land work, either on the farm or at the tree-nursery on the hill. This practice not only helps us with the aforementioned balance, but is also very much in line with our ethos of reconnecting with the land and the environment.

After some time though, and on case-to case basis, we will consider whether there is a possibility – for volunteers who desire to engage with the school, and for those with a special skill set to offer – to extend their volunteering unto the school proper.

Apply here if you wish to enroll into the volunteering program.

Read more about The Forest Way volunteering program here.